Winter Programme 2012/2013

Between October and April inclusive, at 7:30 pm on the second Friday of each month, MM&DHS members meet up and listen to talks from visiting speakers on a wide range of historical topics. The current venue is the Sage Cross Methodist Church.

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Winter Programme 2012/2013

12th October 2012

“Coaching Days – The Turnpike Roads of Nottinghamshire” by Adrian Henstock.

Adrian was the County Archivist of Nottinghamshire and also editor of the county’s historical journal (Transactions of the Thoroton Society) for 33 years. He has now retired.

This talk uses original historical sources to tell the story of the turnpike toll roads of the county in the 1700s and 1800s and of the coaching and other traffic which used them. The topics covered include tolls and tollgates, stage coaches, coaching inns, commercial wagons, village carriers, road accidents, and even congestion and ‘parking’ problems in local towns. Many of the records relate to the Great North Road and the Newark area.

9th November 2012

“Leicestershire and Rutland Murders” by David Bell.

Born in Melton Mowbray, David was a Primary School teacher for 30 years before retiring to become a full time writer. He has written several books including children’s novels and more adult fiction and also gives talks on various subjects from local legends to personal recollections and whimsical memories.

This talk includes references to:  Earl Ferrers, Topsy Turvy, the Green Bicycle Murder and the first use of DNA.

14th December 2012

“A Day in the Life of a Victorian Gentleman” by Gareth King.

Gareth is currently a primary school teacher who has been giving talks for the past ten years. These have covered a range of topics including “Death in Anglo Saxon England”, “Battles in the Midlands” and “Life in Medieval England”.

This talk will take us though a day with a gentleman, discussing eating habits, social etiquette, the clothes he wears and how dangerous Braces can be for your health.

(Note – This will be the final meeting before the Christmas Holiday and will be followed by Christmas fare and a non alcoholic punch.  The cost will be £3 per person payable by 9th November.)

11th January 2013

“Bosworth Battle Field and the Wars of the Roses” by Richard Knox.

Born in Cambridge and spending his early life in Yorkshire, Richard has been fascinated by history all his life. After studying Archaeology and Classical Studies at Reading University he spent a year as a volunteer at Leicester’s Jewry Wall Museum before joining Peter Liddle and his team at LCC. He now holds the position of ‘Keeper of Donington le Heath and Bosworth Battlefield’ and spends much of his spare time taking part in ‘Historic Battle Re-enactments’.

This is an illustrated talk that looks at the Battle of Bosworth within the context of the Wars of the Roses, together with some of the treasures that have been recovered during excavations undertaken to understand more about what happened and ‘where’!

8th February 2013

“Best Remedies – Kill or Cure Medicines from the Past” by Fiona Ure.

Fiona is currently the Collections Access Officer for Home and Family Life at Leicestershire County Council. She has worked for Leicestershire Museum Service for 12 years as a Curator and Social Historian following earlier careers, one of which included being a nurse and led to her interest in old fashioned remedies.

This is an illustrated talk and object handling session on kill or cure medicines from the past, including – leeches, herbal remedies and red hot pokers!

8th March 2013

“Magistrates Past and Present” by Haydn Snow.

Now mostly retired from teaching Haydn has lived in Melton since 1972. He became a Magistrate in 2005/6. Since that time he has been involved in the research and presentation of materials relating to 650 years of the magistracy in the Melton area.

This talk looks at Melton Mowbray magistracy past and present, together with crime and punishment in Melton Mowbray as reported in the Melton Times. Participation in a short quiz will test our knowledge of magistrates to provide a modern perspective!

12th April 2013

“Melton Mowbray in the Railway Era” by Bob Payne.

Bob has lived in Melton Mowbray since 1968, working for Leicestershire’s Community Education Service. Although now retired he nevertheless keeps busy giving talks related to transport and local history, pursuing his other history interests and gardening.

This talk will describe how the railways came to Melton and will focus on interesting and unusual stories. Reference will be made to Melton’s connections to its neighboring towns and cities but will also describe the network of railway lines connected to the iron stone quarries in North-East Leicestershire.


If you would like to visit us as a guest speaker, please contact:

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