ROC Buckminster Bunker Open Day

In an event run by Up An’ At ‘Em History, the Royal Observer Corps Cold War bunker at Buckminster was open to the public today (Sunday 27th October 2013).

Attended by several members of the Melton Mowbray & District Historical Society, Jed Jaggard and volunteers (including veterans of the Buckminster station and members of the ROC Association) hosted the event at the Buckminster village hall and at the bunker site, with stalls displaying artefacts from the cold war era and other campaigns in the 20th century.


Decommissioned in 1991, the bunker and site has recently been renovated by Jed Jaggard who gave talks to visitors in the bunker, which has been restored to replicate conditions during the cold war era. During the event, visitors were given an insight of the purpose of the bunkers and the role of  its ROC operatives. The wider context of the bunker network across the country (several hundred in the UK, built at a distance of 8 miles apart) was also explained by the team running the event. Other bunkers in the area include one just north of Melton, Harby and Cold Overton.


The image below shows members of the MM&DHS with Jed Jaggard (second right) in the bunker:


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