Melton Mowbray Time-Line

In its lifetime the Society has achieved much, but its most recent high point is arguably the Millennium exhibition which it staged at the Carnegie Museum and featured the history of the Town and Borough of Melton Mowbray, including a ‘Time-Line’.

Sarah Wright, the daughter of a society member, was commissioned by the Society to do the graphics (displayed in the slider on the home page). From time to time it is on display in St Mary’s Church.

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1. Stone Age/Bronze Age (pre-history–c.1000 BC)
2. Iron Age/Roman (c. 1000 BC-410 AD)
3. Anglo-Saxon/Danelaw (410–1066)
4. Norman (1066–1154)
5. Early Medieval (1154-1272)
6. Late Medieval (1272-1485)
7. Tudor (1485-1603)
8. Stuart (1603–1714)
9. Hanoverian/Georgian (1714–1837)
10. Victorian (1837–1901)
11. Edwardian/World Wars (1901-1945)
12. Post War/Elizabeth II (1945-present)