Craven Lodge Fancy Ball held on New Year’s Eve 1935/36

All members,

We have been asked by Bristol University whether anyone can help with photographs and recollections of the Craven Lodge Fancy Ball held on New Year’s Eve 1935/36 . We are told that it was attended by a lively gathering of the jeunesse d’orée and aristocracy, as well as Wallis Simpson and Prince of Wales, and is regarded as one of the last events of its kind, fancy dress in Pre-history mode (loosely interpreted). Wallis Simpson said of it in a letter that she “never knew the English could be so gay”.

If anyone knows of local sources which recorded the occasion, or local history archives where material about it might be found Michael Liversidge who is Emeritus Dean, Faculty of Arts, at the University of Bristol would be most grateful for any leads you might have. If anyone does have any information could I ask you to forward it to me at ‘Secretary – MMDHS’ and I will forward it to the University.

Thank You



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2 Responses to Craven Lodge Fancy Ball held on New Year’s Eve 1935/36

  1. Karen Watson July 20, 2014 at 9:00 am #

    I now live at the refurbished Craven Lodge, did you get any photos of the ball? I am trying to locate old photos of the Lidge prior to its refurbishment.

    • Secretary July 20, 2014 at 9:54 am #

      Karen, I am sorry but I have not been contacted by anyone who can help you following our publication of your query on the MM&DHS website. If we do get anything I will of course let you know.

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