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With a large membership the MM&DHS organises regular talks on, and visits to, a variety of historically fascinating topics and locations. More detailed information on our programme of events can be found by clicking on the menu options above; Summer Events ; Winter Talks. New members are always welcome; click on the link to the right to download an application form now, or contact the Membership Secretary to have one sent out to you.

Please Note: That as from the 1st January 2018 the Annual Membership Fee has increased to £8 and £4 respectively whilst visitors will be charged £3 per visit.

Find out more about the society’s own history here, including the story behind the ‘Time-Line’ displayed above which illustrates the history of Melton Mowbray and is helping to raise funds for St Mary’s Church restoration project.

What is History?

Is it just a recounting of what happened over time? Or the interaction of people with each other as well as their surroundings? Does it involve small happenings here as well as all those big events that go on around the world and shape the future?

The events and people that end up shaping history often go unnoticed at the time. It is when we look back that the significance is seen. Every conversation, chance encounter, object lost, is a chance for history to happen. So beware, you are part of a story, you cannot escape it because… history happens!

Click on the image (above right) for details on the book The History Of Melton Mowbray by the late Philip E Hunt, available from local publishers Reprint.